Type: speaker wire with parallel conductors
Conductror: multi-stranded BRC conductors: 2 x 1.0 mm² (40 x 0.18 mm)
Insulation: antistatic low-loss SPVC
Outer dimensions: 3 x 6 mm
Available: on spools
Country of origin: made in Russia


The price stated is per meter pricing. 


  • It’s our must-have offer in the most abundant size - 1.0 mm² (17 AWG). Standard 1.0 Speaker Wire is perfectly suited for specified on-board component speaker connections in a confined trunking and cable management systems, as well as for internal speaker and crossover wiring upgrades. Awesome flexibility derived from the advanced Multiwire conductor arrangement and a streamlined easily bisectable jacket profile simplifies the use of Standard 1.0 Speaker Wire even in hard to reach places.

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