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Type:symmetrical speaker cable
Conductror:2 x 2.00 mm² (80 x 0.18 mm) twisted multi-stranded BRC conductors
Insulation:2-layer CAFPE®
Dielectric binding:SDB
Jacket:antistatic low-loss SPVC
Outer dimensions:11.5 mm
Available:on spools, optional termination kits of Original banana/spade connectors on request
Country of origin:made in Russia


The price stated is per meter pricing.


  • This is intended mainly for mid range Hi-Fi set-ups as well as for various multichannel AV applications. The extended and more linear frequency response of the Special SC transforms into increased definition and transparency. It offers a clearly audible advantage over the Original Two SC, in spite of having a reduced conductor cross-section: 2.00 mm² against 4.00 mm². Thanks to exceptional flexibility and a slim outer diameter the Special SC is perfectly suited to all kind of installations, where space is at a premium. Optional termination kits of miniature Original spade or banana connectors are offered at a very competitive price.

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