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Power RMS / max. P100 / 150 Watts
(highpass > 300 Hz at 24 dB/Oct.)
Impedance Z4 Ω
DC resistance Re3.4 Ω
Frequency response 250 Hz - 8.000 Hz
Resonance frequency Fs80 Hz
Mechanical Q factor Qms2.21
Electrical Q factor Qes0.33
Total Q factorQts           0.29
ComplianceCms1220 μm/N
Equivalent air volumeVas2.09 L
Force factor B*I4.1 Tm
Efficiency 1 W / 1 mSPL87 dB
Cone area Sd35 cm²
Moving mass Mms3.3 g
Cone material Paper cone with “MicroSphere” coating consisting of micro ceramic hollow spheres embedded in a polymer layer

BRAX ML 3 High End Midrange

  • The new BRAX MATRIX ML3 cone midrange speakers are masterpieces in themselves – handcrafted in Germany with state-of-the-art technology and with only the best materials. When these speakers are implemented as part of a fully active sound system, it becomes clear that they are something made perfect. When this happens, the ML3 speakers are a potent force and hard to be without.  Their extraordinary sound and level capabilities are to be expected from a product carrying the BRAX insignia.

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