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Each channel is provided with a driver IC made by International Rectifier and has two power MOSFETS. The driver ICs can also be programmed,thereby making it possible to optimize them for power and low distortion. The result is a ‚smart‘ switch – similar to a chip power amp but with more power, thanks to the large MOSFETS.


It also gave an equally excellent performance in the listening room. It immediately impressed with crystal clear sound that left no questions or desires unanswered. It even handled brutal bass effortlessly, which is not necessarily to be expected from a compact multi-channel power amp. In addition, the Eton produces a generous portion of details in the tweeter. And then there is also the airy spatiality. Altogether the Power 150.6 offers thrilling sound at the highest level.


Review :



ETON POWER 150.6 Amplifier

  • Channels 6
    Amplifier power at 4 ohms 6 x 100 W
    Amplifier power at 2 ohms 6 x 150 W
    Amplifier power at 4 ohms bridged 3 x 300 W
    High level in yes
    Low pass filter 30 – 300 Hz 600 – 6000 Hz
    High pass filter 15 – 300 Hz 300 – 6000 Hz
    Auto sense on function yes
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 270 x 146 x 50 mm

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