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The Alpine PXE-X120-10DP is a high-quality 10-channel DSP amplifier designed to provide excellent audio performance. One of its notable features is the ability to stream high-resolution (Hi-Res) music directly to the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) via Bluetooth. This allows users to enjoy high-quality audio wirelessly.

To enhance the listening experience and customize the sound output, Alpine provides an app that offers complete tuning capabilities for the PXE-X120-10DP. The app allows users to adjust various audio parameters such as equalization, time alignment, crossover settings, and more. These tuning options enable users to tailor the sound output to their preferences and optimize it for their specific vehicle or audio setup.


The app for the Alpine PXE-X120-10DP is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. This cross-platform availability ensures that users with Apple and Android devices can enjoy the complete tuning capabilities and take full advantage of the amplifier's features.

Overall, the Alpine PXE-X120-10DP offers a convenient and versatile solution for users who seek high-quality audio performance and the ability to fine-tune their sound system to their liking.


Alpine PXE-X120-10DP

  • o Input : 12CH Hi-level, 2CH RCA, Bluetooth , Coaxial, Optical

    o Output : 10CH Hi-Level, 2CH RCA

    o Rated power: 4CH×25W+ 4CH×50W+ 2CH×100W

    o Maximum power: 4CH×50W+ 4CH×100W+ 2CH×200W (Bridge 1CHx400W) MAX

    o System sampling rate: 48kHz/24bit

    o EQ : 31 Band

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