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Bass / midrange CORE S2165 mm (6,5“)
Tweeter CORE S228 mm (1“)
Impedance CORE S24 Ohm
Nominal / music power CORE S290/140 W
Sound pressure CORE S288 dB
External diameter CORE S2165 mm
Cutting dia CORE S2146 mm
Depth CORE S279,5 mm
Midrange CORE 8080 mm (3")
Impedance CORE 804 Ohm
Nominal / music power CORE 8025 / 40 W
Sound pressure level CORE 8087 dB
Outer diameter CORE 8094 mm
Cut-out diameter CORE 8077 mm
Installation depth CORE 8042 mm

ETON CORE S3 High End Speaker

  • ESIA Award - Best High End Speaker for 2019 -2020

    The CORE high-end system stands for balanced, neutral sound character with natural tones, distortion-free up to the highest levels. Finely resolved, high impulse fidelity in all volume ranges with a neutrality and three-dimensionality that is second to none! Precision engineered, developed and handcrafted in Germany.

    The CORE system impresses with its revolutionary membrane technology, which consists of a perforated magnesium composite membrane. The membrane is perforated in an extremely complex process and covered with an olefin film. These perforations, in combination with the overstretched olefin film, form fine, bubble-shaped curvatures that act like small partial vibration dampers and thus prevent the development of any fashions. The result is an excellent tonal balance with a warm sound character. 


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