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Type:analogue symmetrical interconnect cable
Conductor:2 x 0.35 mm² (7 x 0.265 mm) twisted multi-stranded BRC conductors
Insulation:2-layer CAFPE®
Dielectric binding:SDB
Shield:>90% BRC braid
Jacket:antistatic low-loss SPVC
Outer diameter:6.2 mm
Termination:RCA/RCA with Special V2 plug
Available:on spools and in standard RCA terminated lengths
Country of origin:made in Russia


  • The least expensive symmetrical interconnect within the entire Tchernov Cable line-up features the CAFPE®/SDB insulation/binding arrangement that sets the Special MkII IC above the coaxial Original MkII IC in terms of further improved linearity and full frequency range definition. Each instrument, performer or group is precisely imaged with a warm and palpable soundstage. The Special MkII IC is fitted with the precision-made Special V2 RCA plug with the centre pin made of high grade 5 µ gold plated beryllium copper for the ease of connection.

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