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REFERENCE speakers are designed for demanding high-end music lovers. Accurately hand built in Europe, selected in corresponding pairs and delivered in classy wooden boxes. Midbass and midrange speakers are made from hand-coated, pressed paper cones and hand-spooled copper voice coils, inserted into manually machined aluminum parts of the basket, forming the basis for outstanding high-end sound quality. The tweeter features a particularly low resonance frequency. The usable wide frequency range of the hand-coated silk dome thus enables astonishingly spatial and precise audio reproduction.

Ground Zero Reference Series

  • GZPT Reference 28EVO High End Tweeter 

    1.1″ high end silk dome tweeter with CNC turned and chromed aluminum housing

    GZPM Reference 80 High End midrange speaker

    3.15″ high end midrange speaker with coated paper cone

    GZMW Reference 180 High End midwoofer

    180 mm high end midrange speaker with coated paper cone




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