DIN - size 6,5 inch
Mounting diameter 5,75 inch
Mounting depth 2,36 inch
Nominal power handling (all voice coils) 60 W
Nominal impedance) 4 Ohm
Number of voice coils 1


  • With the new RSE system Eton presents a 2 way system that sets new standards in its category. The new membrane is characteristic for the RSE. Eton-typical comb structure intersperesed with fine curved lines. This is not only for optical reasons but gives the membrane more stiffness and stability also. The membrane material is a new paper-foam-paper mixture. The cast iron basket completes the classy look of the speaker. Mounting depth is only 55mm which makes the RSE easy to install. The 25mm tweeter has a ceramic-aluminium coating which is also a total innovation

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