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Minimum impedance

4 Ohm

Frequency response

56 Hz – 20 kHz

Power Demand

50 – 100 Watts

Cosmetic appearance

Dark blue with silver lining

Package accessories

Nickel plated screws

Tweeter cone size

25 mm

Tweeter cone material

Soft fabric dome

Tweeter magnet


Tweeter motor design

Concave pole, Underhung

Tweeter chassis

Aluminum, Patented design

Tweeter accessories

Silver plated copper 4N cable

Midrange size

3 inch

Midrange voice coil

20 mm

Midrange cone material


Midrange surround material

Butyl rubber

Midrange magnet

65 mm x 15 mm, Ferrite

Midrange motor design


Midrange chassis

Ported, Solid die cast aluminum

(Mid)woofer size

177 mm (7 inch)

(Mid)woofer voice coil

38 mm

(Mid)woofer cone material


(Mid)woofer surround material

Butyl rubber

(Mid)woofer magnet

90 x 15 mm, Ferrite

(Mid)woofer motor design

Overhung, Pure kickbass

(Mid)woofer chassis

Ported, Solid die cast al

Crescendo Evolution 7S3

  • The 3 way speaker of choice for championship cars with budget limit. Even though, it is the winning speaker of EMMA Asia 2017 an 2018 Master Unlimited Class.

    Each driver is dedicated for its working range. The woofer is pure, not mid-woofer (mid-bass). Narrower bandwidth makes it more powerful to deliver the kick bass.

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