If you've decided to install new speakers in your car to take full advantage of your playlist during the journeys and are looking for a warm, airy and powerful system, the new BLAM 165LSQ from our LIVE range is for you.
Developed in the spirit of "French Sound" while keeping to the ear the idea of "vinyl" sound known for its delicacy, we designed this product using very high quality materials such as cellulose pulp membranes reinforced with bamboo fibers.

The 165LSQ showcases the authentic side of your favourite songs, and whatever the style of music it invites you to listen to them and listen to them again as its warmth, dynamism and softness are captivating.

This kit consists of two 165 mm (6.5'' woofers, two 25mm (1''), two 6 dB/octave low pass filters and two 12 dB/octave high pass filters, suitable for bi-amplification.

BLAM Audio 165 LSQ

    YIELD Woofer 165 mm (6.5")
    Max Power 120 W / Nominal Power 60
    W Frequency Response 60 Hz - 9 kHz
    Sensitivity 94 dB - Impedance 2 Ω
    Aluminium Saladier moulded and machined - Cellulose pulp membrane reinforced with bamboo fibers - Peripheral suspension in butyle - Spider long life "Conex" - reel 28 mm on kapton support - Magnetic engine 80 mm x 15 mm - Thick magnetic circuit 5 mm

    Tweeter 25 mm
    flexible dome of very high quality Maximum
    power 100 W - Nominal Power 15
    W Frequency Response 2.5 kHz -
    25 kHz Sensitivity 91.6 dB - Impedance 3 Ω High Efficiency Neodymium Engine N38

    Low Pass 6 dB/octave

    High Pass 12 dB/octave
    Level of tweeter adjustable to 3 dB, 0 dB or attenuated to -3 dB

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